Africa Check is a non-profit organisation which promotes accuracy in public debate and the media.

We test claims made by public figures around the continent using journalistic skills and evidence drawn from the latest online tools, readers, public sources and experts, sorting out fact from fiction. We publish our findings on this site.

Devised by the AFP Foundation, the non-profit media development arm of the international news agency AFP, we were founded in June 2012 and run in a partnership with the journalism department of the University of the Witwatersrand, in Johannesburg.

Our small team of three core staff, backed by a project director from the AFP Foundation, is based at the journalism department of the university. It works in cooperation with freelance researchers around southern Africa and across the continent. We hope to expand the team in 2014, and open new operations in east and west Africa during the year.

We place a major focus on working with the both traditional and community-based media, providing our reports to them for free for republication while making our researchers available for interview, in print and on air.

At the same time, by being based in a journalism training institute we also aim to foster a culture of accuracy among the next generation of working journalists by providing training and giving them hands-on experience in the rigours of fact-checking. We will also, where possible, provide training to media houses and NGOs.

The work of Africa Check is overseen by a board of five independent trustees who, between them, bring to the organisation specialist knowledge of fact-checking, charity finance and fundraising, media training and media development. Details of the board can be found on our ‘People’ page, in this section.

Our funding comes entirely from donations. The first six months of seed funding was provided by Google through a contest in innovation in online journalism run by the International Press Institute (IPI).

Funding to enable us to run the site during 2013 was provided by the African News Innovation Challenge, the Open Society Foundations, the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, and donations from individual readers and supporters. Details of this funding, and of our sponsors, are set out on the page ‘How we are funded’.

For more details of who we are and how we work, please check out the information on the other pages in this section. Or get in touch on email, Twitter or Facebook.

The Africa Check team