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How many democratic elections have been held in South Africa?
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Since its first democratic election on 27 April 1994, South Africa has had another five national elections: in 1999, 2004, 2009, 2014 and 2019. More: South Africa’s 2019 election in numbers ...

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What was the voter turnout during South Africa’s last national election?
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During the 2019 national election, South Africa recorded a voter turnout of 66%, a decrease from 73.5% in 2014. More: South Africa’s 2019 election in numbers ...

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Does heat kill the new coronavirus?
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The World Health Organization has warned that neither taking a hot bath nor exposing yourself to sunshine or temperatures higher than 25°C will prevent Covid-19. Using a hand dryer also doesn’t kill the virus. More: Hot baths, hot hand dryers and other heat will NOT kill coronavirus ...

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Is the new coronavirus airborne?
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The new coronavirus spreads through droplets, which are produced when someone sneezes, coughs or talks. If you are close to someone when this happens, you could breathe in the virus. According to the World Health Organization, “studies to date suggest that the virus that causes Covid-19 is main...

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South African Election Coalition

A coalition of media organisations, supported by the Google News Initiative and led by Africa Check, is working to combat misinformation ahead of the South African elections. The coalition is working together to fact-check claims made by political parties, provide voters with reliable, non-partisan information on key issues, and equip the public with the skills they need to identify election misinformation.


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