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Kate Wilkinson, Lebohang Mojapelo & Louise Ferreira

Kate Wilkinson, Lebohang Mojapelo & Louise Ferreira

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More claims of S. Africa’s ‘spectacular transformation’ fact-checked

In any debate, Africa Check verifies statements of fact, not opinions. Whether there has been “spectacular” racial transformation in South Africa - as Leon Louw from the Free Market Foundation has argued - falls outside Africa Check’s remit. Our goal is to keep debate honest by reviewing the e...

Claims of South Africa's 'spectacular transformation' fact-checked

Did 1.2 million black people earn more than R400,000 in 2014? Are social grants the main source of income for 40% of black households? And did the percentage of black judges increase by 248% between 2000 and 2012?These were some of the claims made by the head of South Africa’s Free Market Foundati...

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