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Toby Macdonald The mental battle between intuition and logic

By Toby Macdonald

Most of us like to think that we are capable of making rational decisions. We like to think that our beliefs, judgements and opinions are based on solid reasoning. But we may have to think again.

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Vuyisile Hlatshwayo Unpacking Swaziland’s ‘monarchical democracy’

By Vuyisile Hlatshwayo

The Swazi government routinely claims that the kingdom adheres to the “dictates of true democracy”. King Mswati III calls it a “monarchical democracy” which he has described as a “marriage between the monarch and the ballot box”.

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Ray Joseph Where does the Democratic Alliance get its facts?

By Ray Joseph

You would think that a political party that regularly boasts about its successes on Twitter would have the evidence to back up the claims. That seems not to be the case with SA’s Democratic Alliance.

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Gareth Newham The politics of crime statistics

By Gareth Newham

Who owns crime statistics? “In South Africa, the crime statistics are seen as information that belongs to the police which they reluctantly share with the public and other government departments from time to time,” writes Gareth Newham, a senior analyst at the Institute for Security Studies.

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Lizette Lancaster The blurred crime picture – the impact of under-reporting

By Lizette Lancaster

The under-reporting of crime undermines efforts to combat and prevent crime in South Africa. Only real, consistent and grassroots improvements in both policing and court services will change this, writes ISS analyst Lizette Lancaster.

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