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Julian Rademeyer OPINION: When news images lie

By Julian Rademeyer

When news websites appropriate news photographs as catch-all illustrations they lie to their readers and show contempt for news photographers.

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Kate Wilkinson COMMENT: Lifestyles of South Africa’s rich and elected

By Kate Wilkinson

Looming amendments to the Ministerial Handbook and cost cutting measures announced last year are meant to curb the worst excesses of some of South Africa’s elected representatives. Here’s a look back at some of the big spenders who have made the headlines with their splurges.

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Peter Cunliffe-Jones Why fact-checking matters

By Peter Cunliffe-Jones

From the embattled streets of Ukraine or Egypt to the voter lines at elections in South Africa, fact-checking matters. Africa Check’s director Peter Cunliffe-Jones on a London summit of fact-checking organisations.

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Morten Jerven What do Nigeria’s new GDP numbers really mean?

By Morten Jerven

So it’s official. The long overdue and widely anticipated GDP revision in Nigeria has arrived. And it was certainly worth the wait. It is bigger and better than anyone expected. Perhaps the most anticipated question was whether it would rank Nigeria above South Africa. It does.

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Toby Macdonald The mental battle between intuition and logic

By Toby Macdonald

Most of us like to think that we are capable of making rational decisions. We like to think that our beliefs, judgements and opinions are based on solid reasoning. But we may have to think again.

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Vuyisile Hlatshwayo Unpacking Swaziland’s ‘monarchical democracy’

By Vuyisile Hlatshwayo

The Swazi government routinely claims that the kingdom adheres to the “dictates of true democracy”. King Mswati III calls it a “monarchical democracy” which he has described as a “marriage between the monarch and the ballot box”.

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