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Anim Van Wyk COMMENT: Searching for Africa Check

By Anim Van Wyk

Many readers locate Africa Check’s reports with search terms that are at times entertaining, revealing or downright bizarre. Anim van Wyk kept note.

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Edem Srem Trading Ghana’s water for gold

By Edem Srem

Edem Srem, winner of the first African Fact-Checking Award, reflects on “Trading Ghana’s Water for Gold”, an investigation into claims by Ghana’s government that they have curtailed illegal alluvial gold mining. The documentary was produced with Gifty Andoh.

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Georgina Alexander and John Endres COMMENT: The trouble with statistics in Africa

By Georgina Alexander and John Endres

Bad and incomplete data bedevils African statistics. Seventeen African countries have not conducted a census in the past decade and five have not done so in 20 years.

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Julian Rademeyer OPINION: When news images lie

By Julian Rademeyer

When news websites appropriate news photographs as catch-all illustrations they lie to their readers and show contempt for news photographers.

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