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Kate Wilkinson COMMENT: 5 blunders about ‘the country’ called Africa

By Kate Wilkinson

Have you heard of the country called Africa? It’s home to the world’s ‘rape capital’, a place where you can’t drink the tap water, the people are drunkards and teenage pregnancy is increasing. (Except none of it is true.)

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Roxanne Joseph ANALYSIS: When school infrastructure data fails

By Roxanne Joseph

It is nearly impossible to corroborate the accuracy of South Africa’s national database on school infrastructure. The lack of accurate information can endanger pupils’ lives, warns Roxanne Joseph.

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Africa Check Frequently asked questions about South Africa’s drought

By Africa Check

Is South Africa currently experiencing the worst drought in 23, 30 or 34 years? What caused it? And how will we know when it’s officially over? Lebohang Mojapelo answers some of the most frequently asked questions about South Africa’s drought.

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