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Markus Korhonen ANALYSIS: What does the UN Happiness Report really measure?

By Markus Korhonen

African countries again score low in the 2018 rankings of the annual UN Happiness Report, and some stable nations below those in conflict zones. Markus Korhonen examines how the scores were put together – and the value of measuring happiness in the first place.

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Gopolang Makou ANALYSIS: Can you sell a kidney to keep ‘Janu-worry’ at bay?

By Gopolang Makou

For some South Africans, the financial drought following the festive season has been broken, while others are still edging towards 2018’s first payday. But despite what you read on Twitter, selling organs and bodily tissue won’t help cover your financial obligations.

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Laurenz Langer & Natalie Tannous COMMENT: How to produce evidence that’s useful – and used

By Laurenz Langer & Natalie Tannous

The newly-launched Africa Centre for Evidence exists to encourage the production of policy-relevant research. Without deliberate effort, research may fail to meet decision-makers’ needs or simply gather dust on the shelves of university libraries.

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