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Sorting Fact from Fiction: about our digital courses

Sorting Fact from Fiction is a series of online courses that have been designed to assist those who are concerned about the accuracy and reliability of information and data that is published and posted. The courses are developed by TRi Facts, Africa Check’s training, research and information unit, and cover a range of topics about fact-checking and the processes fact-checking organisations use to fight the spread of false information. Content covers mis- and disinformation, basic verification skills and tools for debunking false information, where and how to easily find reliable data, verifying images and videos, finding reliable sources, etc.

Course 1: Introducing Fact-checking and Verification Tools

This introductory course is intended for anyone interested in learning the basics of fact-checking. Those who complete the course can expect to learn about the skills and tools used to determine the accuracy of information, including articles published online, and images and videos that are spread via social media. This course covers topics such as:

  • The importance of factual news coverage and fact-checking 
    • The dangers of the spread of false information 
    • The difference between facts, opinions and predictions and how to identify information that can be fact-checked
  • How and why false information is created and spreads easily
    • How to identify content that’s likely to be false or used in the wrong context 
    • How to recognise bias and its impact on how we process information
  • How to use journalistic skills and online tools to verify the veracity of information, images and videos
  • How to find online data sources and examine its credibility 

Target audience

Introducing Fact-checking and Verification Tools is intended for those who are seeking to specialise and enrich their knowledge on this important topic, such as:

  • Journalism students
  • Journalists
  • Members of the public who want to be able to identify and debunk false information

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