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Kofi Annan“For democracies to function properly, for people to make informed decisions about their lives, the claims made in the public domain must be held up to scrutiny and their veracity checked openly and impartially. I salute the work of Africa Check, as an important initiative engaging with journalists and citizens across the continent to raise the level of public debate.”

Kofi Annan
Former UN Secretary-General, Nobel Peace Prize Winner


“People were created to care for one another, to share and to love. However, proximity to political and economic power sometimes leads to personal avarice and consumptiveness. Holding the powerful to account through public scrutiny is the world’s best defence.”

Desmond Tutu Former archbishop of Cape Town, Nobel Peace Prize Winner

Dele Olojede“About time! Like fact-checking operations everywhere, Africa Check should cause public officials to pause before their habitual misinformation of the public. Nobody likes to be unmasked as a liar.”

Dele Olojede
Africa’s first Pulitzer Prize winning journalist

“It is crucial people on the ground in these countries have access to good, reliable and impartial information from which they can make up their own mind, monitor performance against promises and, ultimately, hold their leaders to account. Building on the existing competence and increasing the capacity of local journalists makes it a sustainable indigenous project. Africa Check has a key role to play.”

Salil Shetty
Secretary General of Amnesty International