FACTSHEET: Nigeria’s election

With a week to go before polling, Nigeria’s election commission has announced a six-week delay in voting. Africa Check looks at the issues at stake in what has been called the most closely contested election to date in the Fourth Republic.

FACTSHEET: What happened in Baga?

Boko Haram militants attacked the remote northern Nigerian towns of Baga and Doro Gowon earlier this month killing scores of people. What do know so far? How many died? And how accurate are social media images purporting to show the Baga massacre?

FACTSHEET: Namibia votes

Namibia went to the polls on 28 November 2014. Our factsheet looks at the polls, the parties, the results and the promises.

FACTSHEET: The leading causes of death in Africa in 2012

The West African Ebola epidemic, the worst in the history of the disease, has focused international attention on sub-Saharan Africa in 2014 – and rightly so, given the virulence and rapid spread of the virus. Yet other deaths in the region dwarf those of the virus.

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