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Africa Check corrections and clarifications

  • September 2020

On 23/09/2020 we corrected this report on human trafficking in South Africa. This was after the department of justice and constitutional development and other readers notified us that South Africa was upgraded to a ‘tier 2’ country from the lower ‘tier 2 watchlist’.

We had accessed a claim on an older report from 2019, while a newer one had since become available. For more details about the correction see here.

  • March 2020

In a fact-check on a viral message about the cause and cures for Covid-19 supposedly from Unicef, we gave an inaccurate date of March 2019 as opposed to March 2020.

  • October 2019

In a fact-check of a quote attributed to a former leader of South Africa’s ruling ANC party, we stated that Pallo Jordan was the author of Oliver Tambo Remembered. He was the editor.

  • August 2019

In a fact-check on gun use, we misidentified an organisation known as Gun Safe Cities as Gun Free Cities. We corrected this and apologised for the error.

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