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How much does the Kenyan government budget for social assistance?

In the 2022/23 financial year, the government allocated KSh7.9 billion for orphans and vulnerable children, KSh17.5 billion for cash transfers to elderly persons, KSh1.2 billion in cash transfers to persons with severe disabilities and KSh5.1 billion for the hunger safety net programme. Others were KSh500 million for National Drought Emergency Fund; KSh2.6 billion for the Kenya Development Response to Displacement Impact Project, KSh2.8 billion for the Kenya Social and Economic Inclusion Project; KSh933.8 million for the Child Welfare Society of Kenya; KSh400 million for the Presidential Bursary for the orphans, and KSh459 million for the National Development Fund for Persons living with Disabilities.

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