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Migration data hub

A Migration Policy Institute (MPI) resource that includes maps and data on refugees' and asylum seekers’ places of origin, current residence as well as annual asylum applications by country of destination.

World Bank data on migration and remittances

World Bank data on global migration and remittances. The bank's Migration and Remittances Factbook, most recently published in 2016,) provides data on immigration, emigration, skilled emigration, and remittance flows for 214 countries.

UNHCR database of displaced populations

The UNHCR refugee agency's Population Statistics Database provides data, up to 2014, on global populations of concern, as defined by the UN, such as refugees and asylum seekers. Interactive country data is visualised in map format.

UNHCR African refugee data

Refugee agency UNHCR Africa's website provides news and other resources on emergency zones across the continent. A country filter allows users to search refugee information by African country, including policy documents and statistics from Refworld, a UNHCR documentation initiative.