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Governance & service delivery

Reports on numerous human rights violations in Kenya

Multiple reports on a range of human rights violations in Kenya, including cases of torture, extra judicial killing and degrading and inhumane treatment. Published by the Independent Medico-Legal Unit.
Governance & service delivery

Annual report of Kenyan human rights commission

The 2015-2016 annual report of the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights including its financial performance and key strategic objectives to improve human rights issues in Kenya.
Governance & service delivery

Focus on police involvement in Kenyan elections, Amnesty International review

The focus is on human rights violations during Kenya's protracted elections and the fallout in 2017 and 2018. A report published by Amnesty International.
Governance & service delivery

Key issues on budget estimates from Budget Watch 2017

Budget Watch disseminates findings by the Parliamentary Budget Office on key issues regarding the budget estimates in a particular financial year.
Governance & service delivery

An analysis of 2016/17 Kenyan budget implications

An analysis of the 2016/17 budget Implications in Kenya. Published by the International Budget Partnership.