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Kenyan planning policy options, a World Bank study

Provides initial policy options in several key areas including housing and basic services, land use and transport, planning, subnational finance and local economic development. A report published by the World Bank.

Database on global urban ambient air pollution per city

A global WHO database of air pollution covering 3,000 cities in 103 countries. Data can be downloaded in CSV format per country and contains data up to 2016.

Cleaning & refuse management by Nairobi city county

This survey contains 2017 expenditure on cleaning and refuse management by the Nairobi City County, including cleaning and administration, cleaning-general and refuse removal. It is published by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics.

Wildlife population estimates in Kenya's rangelands, 2008-2012

A table illustrating wildlife population estimates in the Kenyan Rangelands. Data published by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics.

Wildlife migratory corridors of Kenyan rangelands and coastal ecosystems

Research on Kenya’s wildlife that requires protection from human pressures and negative impact on species’ populations, dispersal areas and migratory corridors. A report published by the Kenyan government.

2015 data on rhino & elephant poaching in Kenya

The Security-Wildlife Conservation Stewardship chapter in the Kenya Wildlife Service Annual Report contains data on elephant and rhino poaching in Kenya.