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Kenya's literacy rate, 2014 UNESCO

The total number of literate persons in a given age group, expressed as a percentage of the total population in that age group. The dataset is provided by the UNESCO Institute for Statistics based on 2014 literacy data for Kenya.

Kenya's youth literacy rate, 2014 UNESCO

Youth literacy rate, as the percentage of people aged 15-24 years who can comprehensively read and write provided by the UNESCO Institute for Statistics.

Kenyan pupil completion rates, 2017

This survey, compiled by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, includes pupil completion rates and primary to secondary transition rates. The report is from 2017 and available in PDF.

Kenyan national curriculum policy

This policy provides a clear framework for undertaking curriculum reform in Kenya. A policy from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology in Kenya.

Statistical booklet of 2014 school census data in Kenya

The booklet provides information on the number of schools, enrolment by gender and level of education, special needs learners, orphans and vulnerable children, basic education cycle schooling profile, gross enrolment and net enrolment rates. It also includes internal efficiency indicators, pupils/students teacher ratios, schools infrastructure and national examinations results. A useful education booklet published by the Kenyan Ministry of Education.