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Welfare & population

Mid-year population estimates by population group, age and sex

South Africa's population in five-year age groups according to population group, age and sex. As included in Statistics South Africa's annual mid-year population estimates.

Welfare & population

Age demographics from annual household survey

Statistics South Africa has published its general household survey every year since 2002. The survey is a household-based instrument that aims to determine development progress in South Africa. It includes basic population statistics for South Africa's nine provinces.
Welfare & population

South Africa's population by religion

The distribution of religious beliefs in South Africa's population. The data comes from Statistics South Africa's 2016 Community Survey, a large-scale, inter-census study – and one of few available data sources – that provides household and population data at municipal level. The survey was conducted five years after Census 2011, five years before Census 2021.
Welfare & population

Social attitudes in South Africa

The Human Sciences Research Council publishes the South African Social Attitudes Survey every year. This representative cross-sectional survey tracks societal values, charting the interaction between South Africa’s political and economic structures and the population’s attitudes, beliefs and behaviour patterns.
Welfare & population

Social grants in South Africa

The South African Social Security Agency publishes monthly data on social grants in the country's nine provinces.
Welfare & population

Employment and unemployment in South Africa

Statistics South Africa’s latest figures on employment and unemployment rates.