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WHO Bulletin: Intimate femicide–suicide in South Africa

To examine the incidence and patterns of intimate femicide-suicide in South Africa and to describe the factors associated with an increase in the risk of suicide after intimate femicide (i.e. the killing of an intimate female partner). A cross-sectional retrospective national mortuary-based study was conducted at a proportionate random sample of 25 legal laboratories to identify all homicides committed in 1999 of women aged over 13 years. Data was collected from the mortuary file, autopsy report and a police interview.

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Department of Social Development

The South African Department of Social Development website. The site includes the Department's annual reports, newsletters, and other strategic documents. 

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Monitoring children’s rights in South Africa

The South African Child Gauge is published annually by the Children’s Institute at the University of Cape Town to track progress towards the realisation of children’s rights. The 2017 issue focuses on children and the sustainable development goals.
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Child marriage in Africa

UNICEF's 2015 Profile of Child Marriage in Africa report sheds light on the realities of child marriage on the continent with well-visualised data. It references South Africa, but the report is better used as an overall account of child marriage in Africa.
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Share of formal and informal employment in South Africa by sex

Formal and informal sector employment disparity by sex for 2010 to 2016, from Statistics South Africa's 2016 Labour Market Dynamics in South Africa report.
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Male and female income in South Africa

The National Income Dynamic Study provides data on how individuals' lives have changed in South Africa since 2008. It is published by the Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation. First-time users have to register before downloading the datasets.
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Review of literature on gender-based violence in South Africa

The Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation conducted this brief review of literature on gender-based violence with the aim of using the findings to inform its gender violence prevention initiatives in communities across South Africa. The study was funded by the Finnish Embassy and was published in April 2016.
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Gender violence response strategies in South Africa for 2016

Published by the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation in 2016, this report maps local gender-based violence prevention and response strategies in South Africa.
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Voices of gender-based violence survivors in South Africa

Violence against Women in South Africa: a Country in Crisis explores the experiences and insights of female survivors of violence. It uses life histories, case studies and focus group discussions to capture the lived reality of survivors of violence and explains the high rates of violence against women through their own voices. The report has an interesting methodology that includes the "voice" of survivors, but its recommendations are familiar to those working in the gender-based violence field in South Africa.