FACTSHEET: The policies and promises of Zanu-PF and the MDC-T

Zimbabweans go to the polls on Wednesday to elect a president and a parliament in an election that many fear will not be free or fair. President Robert Mugabe, leader of Zanu-PF, is seeking to extend his 33-year grip on power. Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, the leader of Movement for Democratic Change, is hoping to unseat him. What do the two parties stand for? And what do they promise if they win?

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Is it correct to describe a strike as ‘illegal’? Not in South African law

South Africa is in the middle of its annual “strike season” which runs from June to September. Frequently the media, government and mining houses refer to “illegal strikes”. Is this accurate? Can a strike be illegal? Not in terms of South Africa’s labour law.



Is South Africa the largest recipient of asylum-seekers worldwide?

The numbers of people seeking asylum in South Africa have declined dramatically over the last two years. But the country continues to be described as the largest recipient of asylum applicants in the world. How true is the claim? The data is flawed, inaccurate and sharply contradictory.

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Are SA whites really being killed ‘like flies’? Why Steve Hofmeyr is wrong

South African musician Steve Hofmeyr has claimed that the number of white South Africans killed by blacks would fill a soccer stadium, that white Afrikaners are being killed “like flies” and that a white farmer is murdered every five days. But the claims are incorrect and grossly exaggerated. In fact, whites are less likely to be murdered than any other race group.


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