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Ensure that all schools and health facilities have access to basic infrastructure such as water and electricity by 2014

  • When made: 2009

  • Where made: Party manifesto

A May 2011 report by the department of basic education found thousands of public schools did not have key facilities.

Under its Accelerated Schools Infrastructure Delivery Initiative programme started in 2011, the ANC provides key infrastructure such as water and electricity to schools.

In its 2015/2016 annual plan, the department said that some 82 schools had been completed, 270 schools received water, 275 schools received electricity and 289 schools got basic sanitation services for the first time.

The most recent data shows that 187 “inappropriate” schools (such as those made from mud) have been completely replaced under the programme. This is short of its target of 496 such schools that needed to be replaced by March 2014.

Another 615 of 1,145 schools were provided with basic water supply while 307 of 932 identified schools were connected to electrical energy supply.

What about health facilities?

A national healthcare facilities audit found that some 56 clinics did not have water in 2011, while 36 did not have electricity. The majority were in the Eastern Cape province.

The department of health has since started a programme to upgrade and build new clinics. Called ideal clinics, they are defined as those with among others, good infrastructure.

Less than a third of the country's 3,538 clinics have been designated as such, according to March 2017 data. -Africa Check, May 2018


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