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Target up to 10% of our annual budget on education

  • When made: 2014

  • Where made: Party manifesto


After four budget cycles, the education sector under Buhari’s administration is yet to get at least 10% of each annual budget, which was his promise. (Note: The 2015 budget was passed into law by former President Goodluck Jonathan).

In 2016, the government spent approximately 8% of the budget on education. In 2017 this fell to 7.4% of the N7.4 trillion budget.

In the 2018 budget, out of a total sum of N9.12 trillion, N541 billion was allocated to the education sector. This is approximately 6%.

In 2019 the government has allocated N462 billion to education approximately 5.2% of the N8.83 trillion budget. This figure still doesn’t meet the 10% target.

This share further drops if statutory transfers to the Universal Basic Education programme are excluded.

The programme was launched in 1999 as Nigeria’s strategy for achieving basic education for all school-age children in a bid to meet education-related United Nations development goals. - Africa Check, February 2019