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Target up to 10% of our annual budget on education

Seven national budgets later, Buhari’s administration is yet to allocate 10% to education. (Note: The 2015 budget was passed into law by then-president Goodluck Jonathan). 

In 2016, the government spent about 8% of the budget on education. In 2017 this fell to 7.4% and to about 6% in 2018.

In 2019 the government’s education funding of N462 billion made for about 5.2% of the N8.83 trillion budget.

For 2020, the government earmarked 6.65% of the budget for education. But in 2021 this dropped to 5.7%. The national budget for 2022 was N17.13 trillion, with education accounting for 6.8^% of this. 

– Africa Check, updated May 2022. First tracked in 2018, and reviewed in 2020.

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