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To vigorously implement a comprehensive Niger Delta pollution cleanup programme

Under former minister of environment Amina Mohammed, the government started a programme to clean up oil pollution in the Niger Delta. Mohammed is now the deputy secretary-general of the United Nations.

This programme included replanting mangrove trees and setting up factories to clean heavily contaminated soil, as recommended in a 2011 United Nations Environmental Programme report.

The clean-up campaign was officially launched in Bodo, Ogoniland in June 2016. Buhari was expected but cancelled his visit.

But as of March 2020 there were complaints that the clean-up project has not made any meaningful headway. 

In March 2021, the government started six water projects as a part of the Ogoni project. From all indications, as of May 2021, about five years after its launch, the clean-up campaign had not met its goals.

As of April 2022, Mohammed Hassan Abdullahi, the minister of environment, said 10 formerly polluted sites had been cleaned up. However, he also said the project could not be completed by the Buhari administration.

– Africa Check, updated May 2022.

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