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By 2022 more than 13 million Kenyans will have health insurance through NHIF

  • When made: 2017

  • Where made: Party manifesto

In 2011/2012, there were 3,34 million registered members of the National Hospital Insurance Fund, according to the 2015 Economic Survey. However, while the 2017 Economic Survey had the same figure for 2012, it now noted that they were both registered and active.

The 2017 figures refer to NHIF members who are eligible for immediate treatment at a government hospital upon production of an NHIF card and up to date payments, a claim that previous economic surveys have not made.  

In 2015/2016, there were 6.14 million members and 7 million members in January 2018, according to media reports.

Africa Check found that of the 7 million members of NHIF as of January 2018, only 3.5 million were active, meaning they could receive treatment immediately. Given that people who are not active cannot be covered, the government needs to be clear that it is referring only to registered contributors. -Africa Check, May 2018

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