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Ensure every citizen is connected to reliable and affordable electricity (on or off-grid) by 2020

  • When made: 2017

  • Where made: Party manifesto


According to the 2013/2014 Kenya Power annual report, in June 2014 there were 2.77 million electricity connections in Kenya. Of these, 1.69 million were domestic customers. (Note: A breakdown of how Kenya's electricity consumers are categorised can be found here.)

In the utility firm’s 2016/2017 annual report the number of electricity connections had increased to 6.18 million as at 30 June 2017.  

The report also says that Kenya Power plans to “achieve a customer base of 9 million customers and universal access by 2020.” In 2016, the Basic Report on Well-Being in Kenya from the national statistics agency estimated there were 11.4 million households in Kenya, with each having an average of four people.

This report was released in March 2018.

If every household were to have a connection, Kenya Power would have to connect at least 5.2 million households by 2020. Then there is the off-grid population that will also have to be catered for. The country's population is estimated to have been 46.6 million in 2017. -Africa Check, May 2018