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Ensure that at least 33% of all government and parastatal appointments are women

  • When made: 2013

  • Where made: Party manifesto


According to a 2012/2013 report on the state of the public service, published by the Public Service Commission, the composition of the public service was 69.63% male and 30.37% female.

In 2017, the civil service had 70% men and 30% women, according to a December 2017 report by the commission.

In 2016, provisional 2017 Economic Survey data showed that only principal secretaries (36.6%), county commissioners (38.3%), high court judges (38.5%), magistrates (49.3%), practising lawyers (38.7%) and county assembly members (34.2%) met the two-thirds gender rule in key decision-making positions. -Africa Check, May 2018