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Expand the free primary school programme to include free day public secondary schools in Kenya

  • When made: 2017

  • Where made: Party manifesto

According to the Treasury sector reports for 2017, 2018 and 2019, these are the amounts released for free day secondary education:


Year (KSh billion) No.of Schools No.of Students
2015/16 30.7 8,452 2,478,368
2016/17 33 8,609 2,581,909
2017/18 53.7 8,679 2,810,000
2018/19   8,819 2,960,000

Source: National Treasury

While the government has appeared keen to keep this promise, concerns have been raised about the quality of the textbooks, which have been found to contain errors, as well as of living and learning conditions. Space remains inadequate and sanitation in many schools also remains unsuitable.

As the data shows, the number of schools and students benefiting from the free day secondary school allocations keeps rising, signalling the expansion.

Africa Check calculated the cost of free day secondary education including the cost of uniform and lunch. It comes to KSh36,787 per student, meaning the total annual amount for all secondary students would be KSh100 billion. – Africa Check, Last updated August 2020.

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