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Increase the paved road network from the current 11,000km (7%) to 24,000km (15%) in five years

Kenya had 11,230 kilometres of bitumen roads in 2013, according to data in the 2014 Statistical Abstract published by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics. This closely matches the 11,000 figure used in the 2013 Jubilee manifesto.

However, significant variations in official data mean that confirming the length, or type, of road government has built is not straightforward.

The most recent figures published in the 2018 Economic Survey show that Kenya had 20,600 km of bitumen roads in 2017. This would mean the length of this type of paved roads has increased by 9,400 km.

In 2016, the agency had the tarmac road network at 14,500 km, suggesting 6,100 km of road was added in just one year. (Note: In the same year the statistics office also has a figure of 11,796 km of tarmac road, published in the 2017 Statistical Abstract.)

A January 2018 report by the national treasury, however, showed that between financial year 2013/2014 and 2016/2017 some 1,919 km of bitumen road were built.

Africa Check will continue to look for the most reliable and recent data on road construction in Kenya. -Africa Check, May 2018