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Raise the transition rate from primary to secondary to 90%

  • When made: 2013

  • Where made: Party manifesto

In February 2013, the then-coalition promised to raise the transition rate from primary to secondary school to 90%, while improving transition rates from secondary to tertiary and university level. It however did not give the period it intended to do this, leaving an open door given it won re-election.

The primary to secondary transition rates have since been published as follows:


Year Primary to Secondary Transition (%)
2012 64.5
2013 74.7
2014 76.1
2015 81.9
2016 81.3
2017 83.1
2018 83.3
2019 85.5

SOURCE: Economic Survey reports for 2018 and 2020

-Africa Check, Last updated August 2020.

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