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logo ac10We’re still celebrating turning 10 YEARS OLD - oh how the time has flown!

Join us on a trip down fact-checking lane with this quiz about all things Africa Check. There’s one question for each year we’ve been doing our thing.


1. When was Africa Check launched?


Africa Check’s goal of building a community of non-partisan fact-checkers across the continent led to the creation of the Africa Facts network. Can you guess how many members the network currently has?


How many claims have we fact-checked since we launched over 10 years ago?


In which African country was our first office located?


True or false? Africa Check has a website in both English and French.


Did you know that Africa Check’s Info Finder tool allows you to search a carefully selected collection of facts and sources on key topics? 


When you’ve been fact-checking for as long as we have, you get your fair share of critics. But we’re not influenced by who funds us. Do you know how many funders we have?


If you use WhatsApp, you may have seen the odd dodgy message circulating. We’re doing our bit to clean up the unverified information with our very own WhatsApp line. Do you know when it was launched?


Our “What’s Crap on WhatsApp?” project helps you debunk the worst fake news and misinformation on the social media platform. Subscribers can sign up and send in claims for us to fact-check. But do you know if the replies are coming from a bot or a real person?


True or False? Fact-checkers celebrate all things fact-checking every year on 2 April.

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