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The global spread of the Covid-19 disease has led to unprecedented measures around the world. But spreading almost as fast has been misinformation. [LAST UPDATED: 30 SEP 2020]

As the world battles to bring Covid-19 infections under control, more and more people are seeking information around the virus.

The World Health Organization says that the pandemic has been accompanied by an “infodemic“: “an over-abundance of information – some accurate and some not – that makes it hard for people to find trustworthy sources and reliable guidance when they need it”. 

Africa Check has been busy fact-checking viral WhatsApp messages, Facebook posts, tweets and news articles. We will continue to do so as long as there is a need for accurate information during this difficult time. 

We have grouped our fact-checks into a running list of six broad categories. 

Want even more fact-checks?

Do you have questions for us? Please submit them through our dedicated Info Finder Covid-19 page. You can also find answers to the questions you have asked.

Factsheets & Guides

FACTSHEET: What we know about Covid-19 and smoking so far

FACTSHEET: Coronavirus and the Covid-19 outbreak

Your questions about the global pandemic answered

Guide: How to vet information during a pandemic

In all the uncertainty around the coronavirus, how can you tell fact from fiction? Our guide gives three tips.

Five Steps to Fight Fake News and False Information

Ask yourself these five questions before sharing a message online.

Bonus Reads – all about masks:

ANALYSIS: Not all cloth masks are equal, but better than no protection from coronavirus

And on 5G:

FACTSHEET: Five questions about 5G technology answered

More Resources

Are you a reporter battling against the tide of misinformation? Or just keen on learning more about misinformation in this tough period?

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How to Contact Us

Seen something around Covid-19 that you would like checked? Send it to us:

Email: [email protected] | Twitter: @Africa Check | Facebook: @AfricaCheck | Or Whatsapp us on +27 73 749 7875 in South Africa, +254 729 305650 in Kenya and +234 908 377 7789 in Nigeria.

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  1. By Abdirahman

    I follow this page from Kenya and is quite informative, distils facts and nukes false positions or rumours including mere convenient assertions (perhaps it rolls off well on the tongue, *tongue in cheek) that have no basis.

    It also aids decision process at the most lowest level and, evidently from the recent rundowns on coronavirus disease, saves lives – that is if one cares to verify the deluge of information during this epidemic heightened phase, uncertainty and panic. Keep up the good work. Indeed, the platform distinguishes itself as a public good.

    In regards to coronavirus disease , there are various measures different authorities have put in place to contain the risks of the disease. One such approach is to curb the spread including further into the rural areas ,where among other reasons the elderly population live and the health system is very much challenged. The dominant appeal (and mostly targeted at the youth as potential mobile carriers of the virus ) is to slow or curtailing temporary migration into the rural areas. This call is also on the basis to protect the elderly who are vulnerable and many are assumed to be living in the rural areas. Can this be put into perspective by highlighting demographic dynamics and residential status by age. What options may Africa Check consider in respect of the elderly in risky urban areas who may not be able to have enough safeguards on their own. You may consider Kenya and another Southern African country or any scope you may choose.

    Many thanks and kind regards.

    Many thanks.

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