Nope, Nkandla’s ‘mermaids’ are actually from Hollywood

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There may be a lot of controversy surrounding President Jacob Zuma's Nkandla home, but mermaids found in the so-called firepool can be excluded.

Were two mermaids killed in the controversial “fire pool” of President Jacob Zuma’s home in Nkandla and taken to a research facility in Durban?

A picture posted on the EFF Supporter website – sourced from Nigerian website Gist Us – shows two female figures, lying head to snake-like tails on a display table. The face of the “mermaid” turned to the camera seems to be contorted in rigor mortis; her mouth agape and eyes frozen half open.

As if the president does not have enough headaches at the moment, the headline hurls another allegation: “President Jacob Zuma Accused Of Witchcraft!”

The leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), Julius Malema, is even quoted as supposedly saying that Zuma is “using the mermaids to prevent him from losing his place in leadership”.To

To this, a reader wrote in the comment section: “Why Julius Malema he is so against President Jacob Zuma? He is jealous or what? If he want to be a president why he should do something like this? Tjo I think he should mind his own business.”

But Zuma can cross this “attack” from his list: These mermaids were actually props in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides that was released in 2011. They are on display in the Jack Pierce Memorial Museum of the Cinema Makeup School in Los Angeles that opened last year.

Since then pictures of them have been circulating the globe as proof of mermaids’ existence in Pakistan and India, among many others.

Watch the intricate sculpting of the mermaid props on YouTube.

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Comments 19
  1. By Thabisa

    I’m not against our president or anything, but the article states that the ANC Spokesperson confirmed seeing the mermaids along with our president… Or was that a lie too?

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  2. By grotman

    come on people! This is a hoax okay!… Mermaids (which dont exist) comes from the sea and not Hartbeespoortdam eish. Its props for a movie so please get over it!…

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  3. By bongiwe

    Some people are unneccessarily indenial..if they are made of silicon then why are they alive because here in the article they say one of them turned to the camera and they also stated that they have been been killed and taken to the research facility,,now tell me how can you possibly kill something that is not alive?…and Zuma also denied knowing that there were memaids in his pool and that comfirms that it is true that they were found there ALIVE…you guys got to face reality……thank you..

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  4. By solly

    guys you have to know and accept that those guys in the presidency practice a higher powered form of witch craft. 1 thing you have to know about mermaids is they are jinnis(a spiritual form of a soul like an angel that we humans are not suppose to see). These people gain power from these jinni that’s why all of the alligations made against such high powered
    people end up nowhere. So guys my advise is if you dont know a thing about such superstition stay away and let them be. Witch craft is also practised by people with more power than our president.

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    • By Prince

      As per most of the findings, yes, they do exist, mostly in big rivers especially where there are rocky mountains with dark bush. They make whistle serine sound like wolfs. You will only hear the echo wave that’s far away from the water and you gonna think its Jackals. It happens mostly between 10:30 PM and 03:30 AM & mostly aroun 9 PM after heavy rain.

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  5. By thabo

    But who exactly saw these mermaids and how did they ended up in JZ pool,I just believe that this animals are most dangerous if they are natural,but if they were really found at JZ I will believe it might be wichcraft

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  6. By Martha

    There’s no way, Zuma is not practising witchcraft if he was he would have covered all his money scammed.He has no power and he can’t fool South African people, all he needs to do is step down that’s all.

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