Whether you are an individual, a media house, a manufacturer, a for-profit business or a non-profit organisation, you need to get your facts right to ensure you earn and keep the trust of your partners, readers and clients.

But research is not easy to do. Tracking down the best available sources of information is often difficult and time-consuming.

Africa Check offers a dedicated service providing fast, reliable, and relevant research and analysis to enable you to make critical business and organisational decisions and to communicate with your audience, whoever they might be.

With our expert researchers and excellent track-record, Africa Check is able to provide accurate and accessible information when you need it, in a way that is transparent, traceable, and independent.

Research is tailored to your specific requirements, whether you need an in-depth evaluation of data from a specific field or sector, or a high-level overview of the facts on a particular issue.

Africa Check can help you with:

Factsheets – Concise briefing documents relating to a focused theme, topic or region, and presenting a summarised overview of key facts and issues.

Guides – Insight into what lies beneath the facts, explaining key concepts around a theme or issue, together with a summarised presentation of key facts and a recommended list of data resources.

Africa Check Reports – Africa Check’s signature in-depth reports, surveying and appraising multiple layers of data, public claims, and parallel or associated themes and topics.

To find out more about our research offer, and our rates, get in touch below.