Things that are actually true (but you thought they weren’t)

Yes, Covid-19 was declared a pandemic 

Has the World Health Organization declared Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak a pandemic – an infectious disease that is spreading around the world? This was reported by KTN News, a national Kenyan TV on 11 March 2020. But the post was flagged as possibly false by Facebook’s fact-checking system.

In a media briefing on 11 March, WHO director general Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said the agency had “made the assessment that Covid-19 can be characterised as a pandemic”. Get the details here.

Novel coronavirus declared a global health emergency? Yes

Several news media in Africa on 21 January 2020 reported that the World Health Organization had declared the outbreak of novel coronavirus a global health emergency. But some readers weren’t too convinced, and flagged these reports to us.

It turns out the United Nations did confirm this in a tweet: “NEWS: #Coronavirus declared a public health emergency of international concern by WHO.” Get our full fact-check here.

The WHO has since declared Covid -19 a pandemic – which is the worldwide spread of a disease. Read all about pandemics here.

Yes, student was admitted to hospital in Kenya with ‘coronavirus -like symptoms’

Was a student arriving in Kenya from China admitted to hospital after “exhibiting coronavirus-like symptoms”? National TV stations reported this in January 2020, but some readers still had their doubts. But it did happen.

On 28 January Kenya’s ministry of health issued a statement on its Facebook and Twitter pages confirming that a patient showing coronavirus symptoms had been admitted to the hospital and they were conducting tests.

But Kenya’s first Covid-19 case was only confirmed on 13 March.

Yes, dog tested positive for new coronavirus – but no evidence pets can spread Covid-19

Did a pet dog in Hong Kong test positive for Covid-19?  Yes, a dog in Hong Kong did test positive for the new coronavirus, but there’s no evidence that pets can spread it to people. That’s according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC, and the World Health Organization.

Officials said it was likely a case of human-to-animal transmission. “Members of the public are advised to differentiate that ‘being infected’ does not equal being infectious and capable of spreading the Covid-19 virus,” the Hong Kong SPCA was quoted as saying. Get the details of this case here.


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