Report: Is Zuma correct to claim that a million households were electrified in five years? It depends on who you ask

President Jacob Zuma claimed recently that more than a million South African households have been connected to electricity over the past five years. But, as Africa Check found, the source for the claim is unclear and numbers provided by different government departments vary significantly.

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Report: Why social network surveys don’t necessarily reflect the views of SA youth

In recent months a South African marketing research company has peppered local media outlets with headline-grabbing releases detailing the findings of their “cellphone” surveys of South African youth. The surveys do not provide true representation of youth opinion across the country yet much media coverage has been unquestioning.


Report: FACTSHEET: The policies and promises of Zanu-PF and the MDC-T

Zimbabweans go to the polls on Wednesday to elect a president and a parliament in an election that many fear will not be free or fair. President Robert Mugabe, leader of Zanu-PF, is seeking to extend his 33-year grip on power. Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, the leader of Movement for Democratic Change, is hoping to unseat him. What do the two parties stand for? And what do they promise if they win?

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