In the past week Africa Check published two reports, a factsheet and a spotcheck. Click on the links to catch up on your reading:

Nigeria: Bitter kola eyedrops touted as glaucoma treatment

A Nigerian professor has claimed that eye drops made from an extract of the bitter kola tree can treat glaucoma, but the evidence is questionable.

Factsheet: Africa’s population size now and in the future

In a bid to to sort fact from fiction, The Guardian asked their readers to nominate a commonly accepted statement about the African continent for us to investigate. The result was a closer look at the reliability of population figures.

Spotcheck: Why conviction rates are not a reliable measure of success

This week South Africa’s National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) boasted a conviction rate of between 70% and 90%, but these numbers do not reflect all crimes reported to the police each year, let alone the large number of crimes that go unreported.

Report: How the death toll on South Africa’s roads compares to HIV/AIDS and TB

In South Africa at least 5,000 people are killed on the country’s roads every year. Or is it closer to 14,000? Or more than those dying of HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis, as has been claimed?


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