In the past week Africa Check published a comment piece, spot check and factsheet. Click on the links to catch up on your reading:

COMMENT: The trouble with statistics in Africa

Bad and incomplete data bedevils African statistics. Seventeen African countries have not conducted a census in the past decade and five have not done so in 20 years.

SPOTCHECK: Yes, South Africa’s murder rate is 7 times higher than the United States’

Following the murder of South African football captain Senzo Meyiwa, news agencies Bloomberg and Reuters both reported that South Africa’s murder rate is “seven times the rate in the United States”. They were correct.

FACTSHEET: The leading causes of death in Africa

This factsheet puts the West African Ebola epidemic, the worst in the history of the disease, in context. Other deaths in the region dwarf those of the virus.



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  • The week that was: The trouble with statistics in Africa, and other stories…07:03, Saturday 1 Nov

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