This week we published three pieces: a blog by one of the winners in our African Fact-Checking Awards, a report investigating the possibility that South Africa’s electricity grid could collapse and a factsheet on the number of orphans in South Africa.

Click on the links to catch up on your reading:

COMMENT: Digging deep to investigate the mining industry

The runner-up of the first African Fact-Checking Awards recently spoke at an international conference in Mozambique about the challenges of investigating Zambia’s mining industry.

REPORT: Does South Africa face an electricity grid collapse?

Will South Africa’s electricity grid collapse, plunging the country into weeks of darkness? Experts say it is possible, but unlikely.

FACTSHEET: How many orphans are there in South Africa?

How many orphaned children are there in South Africa? Figures range from 3.4-million to nearly 4-million. Some projections have suggested figures as high as 5.2-million. This factsheet unpacks the numbers.

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