Africa Check exists to promote accuracy in public debate and the media. Our reports are available for other media to republish and our researchers are happy to discuss our findings in print and on air. See below examples of how the media use our reports.

eNCA: Maggs on Media || Post SONA 2017 fact check

Africa Check editor, Anim van Wyk, explains fact checking and what Africa Check does and discusses our fact-check into claims made by President Jacob Zuma at the 2017 State of the Nation Address on Maggs on Media with Jeremy Maggs. Watch it here.

The Star Online: Chance for migrant kids to study

The published an article on migrant children in South Africa and mentioned Africa check: “Estimates vary significantly on how many migrants and asylum seekers there are in South Africa, but fact checking website Africa Check estimates that the figure is around 2.2 million.” Read it here.

The Politic: An Interview with Amy Hollyfield of Politifact

The Politic had an interview with the Deputy/Managing Editor of Politifact, Amy Hollyfield, and she mentioned Africa Check: “Something I wanted to mention was a tab on our website labelled “Global News.” We have a partnership with a fact-checking group in Africa called Africa Check and a grant from the Gates Foundation. We’ve been fact-checking […]

BBC News: Fake news – How can African media deal with the problem?

BBC news published an article on how the media in Africa can deal with fake news and mentioned Africa check: “Even as the media and organisations like Africa Check continue to parse news content to determine their veracity, media analysts say it is also incumbent on technology giants such Facebook and Google to, at the […]

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