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Covid-19 vaccine
Health Act

ANALYSIS: Explaining proposed amendments to South Africa’s health law

Nigeria President Buhari at UNESCO
national assembly

Nigeria spends more on national assembly than on education? Analyst gets it wrong

Ashwagandha plant shutterstock

ANALYSIS: Ashwagandha supplements might reduce stress and improve other parts of life – but it’s too early to say

Kenya deputy president William Ruto campaigns in Kirinyaga, Kenya.
William Ruto
Presidential campaign

Ruto on the campaign trail: Grading some of Kenyan deputy president claims about his record in office


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What is South Africa’s GDP per capita?
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The country's GDP per capita (nominal gross domestic product divided by the mid-year population) was US$4,740 in 2020. The economy slumped by 7% compared with 2019. This is the biggest annual fall in economic activity the country has seen since at least 1946. Related: Still misleading t...

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What was the voter turnout during South Africa’s last national election?
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During the 2019 national election, South Africa recorded a voter turnout of 66%, a decrease from 73.5% in 2014. More: South Africa’s 2019 election in numbers ...

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Does heat kill the new coronavirus?
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The World Health Organization has warned that neither taking a hot bath nor exposing yourself to sunshine or temperatures higher than 25°C will prevent Covid-19. Using a hand dryer also doesn’t kill the virus. More: Hot baths, hot hand dryers and other heat will NOT kill coronavirus ...

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Is the new coronavirus airborne?
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The new coronavirus spreads through droplets, which are produced when someone sneezes, coughs or talks. If you are close to someone when this happens, you could breathe in the virus. According to the World Health Organization, “studies to date suggest that the virus that causes Covid-19 is main...

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Did WHO-recommended ratio of doctors to patients, as former Nigerian senator claimed?


Does Nigeria rank number one in open defecation worldwide? (Radio One 103.5 FM Lagos)


Claims about education in Nigeria checked (Radio One 103.5 FM Lagos)

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Promise Tracker

They campaigned and promised to change your life for the better. You voted for them. But have they kept their word? We have picked out 10 key promises made by governments in Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya and are tracking progress on them.

ANC Tracker

ANC Tracker

The African National Congress (ANC) has been in power since 1994. In 2019, it faced South African voters for the sixth time. But what is the status of promises it has made to voters in the last 10 years?

APC Tracker

APC Tracker

Nigeria’s All Progressives Congress was re-elected in 2019. As it made its case to voters, how did it perform on some of the main promises it made ahead of its 2015 win? EDITOR'S NOTE: These pledges are collated from the party’s manifesto and its covenant with Nigerians. The latter document was subject to much debate after the party sought to disavow it. The APC did walk back promises for its first 100 days in office. Other publications have collated more promises. Also, the president’s first term in office ended officially on 29 May 2019 when he had spent four years in office.

Jubilee Party Tracker

Jubilee Party Tracker

Kenya’s Jubilee Party has been in office since 2013, and last year won re-election. But has it delivered on the promises it made ahead of those two elections? We tracked key ones.

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The New LO: How To Handle The Internet (Part 4)

The New LO: How To Handle The Internet (Part 3)

The New LO: How To Handle The Internet (Part 2)

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