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What is the literacy rate in Zimbabwe?

What is the literacy rate in Zimbabwe?

The country’s 2015 Demographic and Health Survey estimated that 94.4% of women aged 15 to 49 and 94.1% of men in this age group were literate. Try Info Finder.

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Our takeaways from a year-long project researching misinformation


In our Overview briefing, the grand finale in a series of research briefs about fact-checking and misinformation, we capture the key findings and summarise the takeaways in an easy-to-access checklist. We also identify crucial gaps, including the need for more fact-checking research from the Global South to steer us on a path of evidence-informed fact-checking.

By Ariel Riera and Nicola Theunissen

Online fact-checking course

Introducing Fact-checking and Verification Tools is an online course that teaches journalists and the public basic skills and tools to sort fact from fiction.

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  • ✈️ Does 98% of spending by South Africa’s national airline @flysaa go to ‘white companies’? No.…06:30, Saturday 28 Nov

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African Fact-Checking Awards 2020

We’re thrilled to announce the winners of this year’s African Fact-Checking Awards.

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