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Latest tips and tools


The World Health Organisation’s African Health Observatory (AHO) is a repository of the best information available on health in Africa. AHO consists of a web portal, a data statistics platform, a web-based collaborative space for the production and updating of comprehensive and analytical country health profiles, and a repository of key publications. Find it here.

Transparency International’s Global Corruption Index scores 180 countries on how corrupt their public sectors are perceived to be. The index allows users to view results in a colour-coded map and contains results tables, research analysis, regional analysis and other resources.

Journalists in Africa are playing a key role in tracking the continent’s ongoing coronavirus pandemic and holding respective governments to account. With the realities of a second wave of Covid-19, the World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe has developed an information guide for journalists on Covid-19 coverage. Find it here.

In a world of digital and social media platforms, readers are changing their news consumption preferences. One response to this shift is multimedia journalism: the practice of conveying a narrative through multiple forms of media, such as text, audio and video. If you’re new to the world of…


If you need help to tell the credibility of sources, FakerFact is for you. FakerFact is a chrome browser extension that serves as an AI fact-checking tool. It uses assessments and scoring of source quality (based on accuracy, objectivity, etc.) to guide readers toward higher-quality information…

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Here are examples of the kind of queries you can send our way:

  • If you struggle to find data on a specific topic;

  • If you find different numbers and aren't sure what the best available data is;

  • If you aren't sure if have found the latest available data on a topic;

  • If you're unsure about the authenticity of a photo or video and are unfamiliar with tools that can help you determine this.

Unless we have already done work on a particular topic, responding to queries will take time. You shouldn't consider our service to be an on-deadline service.


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