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Report: Is South Africa ‘feeding its people toxins’, as the IFP alleges?

About 100 activists protested against biotechnology company Monsanto and genetically modified food in Durban in May 2016. Photo: AFP/RAJESH JANTILAL

Reporting by Africa Check

Cancer risk due to weedkiller glyphosate deemed low but testing is irregular

Calling for a probe into “a possible crime against humanity”, a South African political party wants to halt the use of a weed-killer on major food crops. But do claims by the Inkatha Freedom Party about the widely used chemical glyphosate hold up?


Report: Do fewer than 20% of Nigerians have access to oral health care services?

Children wave from the window of a house in the Makoko slum in Lagos in September 2011. Photo: AFP/PIUS UTOMI EKPEI

Reporting by Africa Check

Data too sparse to prove or disprove figure

Nigeria’s health minister has claimed that at least eight in every 10 people in the country of an estimated 193 million lack access to oral health care services. What data is available shows a dire situation but is unfortunately too sparse to prove or disprove the figure.

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