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Nominations for Africa Check's 2022 Fact Ambassadors are now open. We are looking for individuals who stand up for facts across Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa.



Are you someone who: 

  • Is a trusted source of information:
  • Puts facts first and pauses before they share information
  • Keeps an eye out for myths, hoaxes, or conspiracy theories
  • Helps their peers and community understand important issues
  • Sets the record straight when they spot false information online
  • Enjoys creating engaging content on social media

Our voluntary Fact Ambassadors will join us in the fight against misinformation and dangerous health claims in Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa*. By signing up, you can help your community, family and friends avoid falling for dangerous misinformation and empower them to find the facts. 

*Please note this volunteer programme is unpaid.  

What will Fact Ambassadors do?

  • Share the latest fact-checking reports on social media (including WhatsApp) with their network
  • Empower those around them to become information savvy, by sharing our media literacy content
  • Foster a culture of fact-checking in their networks 

What do we offer in return?

  • Fact-checking training so that our ambassadors are empowered to sort fact from fiction
  • Free mobile data so that they can easily share information with their network and community
  • Access to our Fact Ambassador Facebook page where they can share stories, ideas and experiences
  • Ongoing support from a dedicated Africa Check country coordinator
  • The opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those they care about by bringing them verified health information
  • Regular updates on how they are making a difference
  • Opportunities to engage with and learn from African fact-checkers and health experts 
  • A certificate on completion of the programme
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Submit your nomination

Nominations close on 14 January 2022. For assistance, please feel free to email [email protected]


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