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South Africa is preparing for pivotal national elections in May 2024, thirty years since it became a constitutional democracy. To help cut through the noise, we’ve put all our election resources in one place. Check out our fact-checking reports, analyses, factsheets and more. 

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South Africa is preparing for pivotal national elections in May 2024, 30 years since it became a constitutional democracy. In what is predicted to be a major reshaping of the political landscape, a record number of political parties are expected to contest. 

As these parties formulate their strategies to convince voters that they can create jobs, deliver services and infrastructure, and govern effectively, South Africans across the country will have to deal with an influx of information, some of it accurate and some of it not.

To help cut through the noise, we’ve put all our election resources in one place. Check out our fact-checking reports, analyses, factsheets and more. 

Fact-checking reports



Useful resources

voice note guide

GUIDE: How to verify a voice note from your phone

Voice messages have many advantages – they are expressive and convenient, for example. But they are also a large channel for the dissemination of false information.

whatsapp guide

GUIDE: Five steps to fight fake news and false information on WhatsApp

Always ask yourself (and other users) these five questions before you forward a WhatsApp  message. Be aware before you share!

news guide

GUIDE: How to tell if a news article is reliable

If it’s a big and important issue, be cautious about what you share or see shared on social media.

verify smartphone

GUIDE: How to verify images on your smartphone

With rising awareness of “fake news”, people are more cautious of reflexively hitting share. But how can you quickly verify whether what you’re seeing is true, especially when you’re on your mobile phone?

Help others sort fact from fiction with these graphics & videos

whatsapp tipsheet

5 steps to fight misinformation on WhatsApp

Use this tipsheet for advice on how to verify information you receive on WhatsApp.

manifesto tips

Evaluating election manifestos

Use this video for steps to evaluate claims made in election manifestos.

fact vs opinion

Do you know the difference between a fact and an opinion?

We break down how to tell facts from opinions, and how this matters when it comes to fact-checking.

misinformation whatsapp

WhatsApp misinformation

Help break the cycle of misinformation by asking these 5 questions before forwarding anything on WhatsApp.

friends family

How to deal with family members who share misinformation

Sometimes friends and family inadvertently help spread mis- and disinformation. But how do you get them to stop? We have some tips.

In the media...

keegan rise mzansi

Unpacking Rise Mzansi's 2024 election manifesto (Newzroom Afrika)

Researcher Keegan Leech speaks to Newzroom Afrika's Mpho Sithole about claims made in Rise Mzansi's election manifesto.

carina enuus

Misinformation & fact-checking ahead of elections (eNuus)

Africa Check's head of training, Carina van Wyk, was interviewed by eNuus on misinformation and our fact-checking work in the lead-up to the elections in South Africa.

702 cayley

Promises made in the 2023 State of the Nation Address (Radio 702)

Thabo Shole-Mashao speaks to Cayley Clifford, Deputy Chief Editor at Africa Check, about Cyril Ramaphosa's 2023 State of the Nation Address and whether any of the promises he made were kept.

cayley sabc

Combating election disinformation (SABC)

Africa Check and various South African media organisations, including SABC and Google, have joined forces to create an innovative election fact-checking collaboration to combat misinformation. 

kirsten interview

A look at how media is affecting voters in SA (SABC)

Concern over online interference during the elections is now an international concern. In this discussion, panelists look at how media can affect South African voters.

keegan newzroom

Coalition to fight misinformation (Newzroom Afrika)

Africa Check, South African media and Google are creating an election fact-checking coalition. The collaboration is aimed at helping voters make informed decisions in the voting booth and curbing election misinformation. Researcher Keegan Leech has more.

702 keegan 2

A Coalition working to combat misinformation ahead of SA elections (Radio 702)

John Perlman chats to Keegan Leech, Africa Check researcher, about an initiative to combat misinformation ahead of the South African Elections. 

groot ontbyt keegan

Spotting misinformation online (Die GROOT Ontbyt)

With national elections around the corner, Africa Check researcher Keegan Leech sits down with Die GROOT Ontbyt to discuss how the public can spot misinformation online.

cayley sona promises

A look back at Cyril Ramaphosa's SONA promises (Newzroom Afrika)

Ahead of Ramaphosa’s 2024 address, we checked whether South Africa’s president has kept his word on infrastructure, development and education.

cayley enca

Role of the media in delivering factual information (eNCA)

Sorting fact from fiction when it comes to the information shared by political parties and politicans in the run-up to South Africa's elections.

Websites we love!


Statistics South Africa

Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) is the country's national statistics agency. It produces timely, accurate and accessible statistics on a range of important topics. 

parliamentary group

Parliamentary Monitoring Group

PMG provides accurate, objective, and current information on all parliamentary committee proceedings in the form of detailed, unofficial minutes, documents and sound recordings.

electoral commission

Independent Electoral Commission of South Africa

The Electoral Commission is an independent constitutional body. It manages free and fair elections of legislative bodies and institutions through the participation of citizens, political parties and civil society.

SANEF 2024 Elections Portal

SANEF 2024 Elections Portal

The SANEF 2024 Elections Portal provides useful resources for journalists reporting on elections.

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