We cannot promise to check every claim suggested but we do promise to read all suggestions. To help yours make it onto Africa Check, ask yourself before sending whether it meets these criteria.

1. Is it the right sort of topic?

The focus of this project is on statements related to Africa. Given that we cannot check every claim made, we focus instead on those made in three broad fields: (1) society, politics and justice; (2) the economy and economic development; and (3) health, science and the environment. If the claim is about one of these, and it relates to Africa, it is in the right area. If not, we won’t have time to look at it but if you want to check it out for yourself you can see our tips on doing that here.

2. Did they suggest they were talking fact or opinion?

Some statements are made as an statement of opinion, not a statement of fact. Did the person suggest that what they were saying was a fact? We only investigate claims that purport to be fact.

3. What impact would it have unchecked?

What impact would the statement have if it goes unchecked. The greater the impact, the more likely we are to check the comment you suggest. If you send in a suggestion, please say what impact you think it would have if it is not checked and why.

4. Is it a topic or speaker we have focused on before?

Is it a topic, or a speaker, we have focused on before. One of our guiding principles is to ensure that, over time, we fact-check all sides in debate and do not focus on any one side unduly. If we have covered the topic or speaker many times before, we are less likely to cover it again.

Now please make your suggestion

Once again, we do welcome all suggestions and will read them all. And thank you for your interest in Africa Check.