TRi Facts, Africa Check’s training, research and information unit, offers a range of fact-checking and verification workshops for journalists, NPOs, government organisations, the corporate sector and the general public.

We’ll show you how to sort fact from fiction– from spotting false information and verifying the context and origin of images and videos shared on social media, to finding accurate data online.

All our workshops are developed and presented by senior Africa Check trainers, editors and researchers. Our training programmes equip participants with the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical fact-checking skills to stop the spread of false information.

Our training includes a variety of basic and advanced workshops – from 90-minute or half-day sessions covering the basics of fact-checking and designed to fit into your staff’s busy workdays to two- or three-day workshops for those who require in-depth fact-checking and verification training.

We also offer workshops with a specific focus on fact-checking related to health, elections, the economy and other topics.

TRi Facts can also provide you with customised training to suit your organisation’s specific needs. Discounted rates are available for community-based organisations and NPOs.

For more information about our courses and rates, please send an email to [email protected]