Corrections policy

If you think we’ve made a mistake or omission, or if there’s something you think we could change to make an article clearer, please let us know. We are grateful for any input that helps us improve our work.

Please send feedback, corrections or complaints to [email protected]

Help us know exactly what your concerns are by making your comments as clear as possible. Where possible, please include any links to reference material or data that is publicly accessible.


Feedback can be submitted in the comment section under an article or in an email to [email protected]. These channels are checked daily. Every comment and all feedback will be reviewed by a senior member of staff.

We’ll let you know as soon as we have considered your feedback or comment, whether we will be making a change in our article in response to it. If we do decide to make a change, it will be highlighted in the article.

  • In the case of a factual error, a note will be added to the report and labelled “CORRECTION”, with an explanation of what has been changed.
  • In the case of clarifications or updates, a note will be added and labelled “UPDATE”, with an explanation of what has been changed.

A running list of our corrections can be found on this page.

Finally, if you complain about a report but are not happy with our response, we will offer an internal review. If necessary, our board of trustees can appoint an independent person to review the complaint.