FACTSHEET: Coronavirus and the Covid-19 outbreak

What are the symptoms of Covid-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus? How can I protect myself and others? Why is social distancing important? We answer your questions.

FACTSHEET: Child undernutrition in Africa 

What is undernutrition? How many children in Africa are underweight, stunted or wasted, or don’t get the minimum amount of food they need? Our factsheet takes a closer look at the indicators.  

Frequently asked questions about sanitation in South Africa

How many households have proper toilets? How has access changed since 1994? How do people who share toilet facilities rate their quality? We answer three frequently asked questions about sanitation in South Africa.

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Guide: How to vet information during a pandemic

Covid-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus, has the world firmly in its grip. In all the uncertainty, how can you tell fact from fiction? Our guide gives three tips.

Guide: Mean, median and mode

Confused by the difference between the mean, the median and the mode? This guide gives the answers

GUIDE: How to cite Africa Check’s research

Africa Check works hard to get the facts out there, so we want others to share our research far and wide. Here’s how to republish our reports, guides and factsheets.

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