Winning journalists of the first AFP-sponsored African fact-checking awardThis is the second year of the African Fact-Checking Awards, honouring the best investigative fact-checking carried out by African journalists this year, reporting that exposed misleading claims made by leading public figures across the continent.

In their inaugural year, 2014, the awards had entries from more than 40 media across 10 countries and were won by a team of journalists from Ghana, with runners-up from Kenya and Zambia.

This year, we have received entries from more than 15 countries, from Ethiopia and Egypt in the north to South Africa and Zimbabwe in the South.

Entries for this year’s awards closed at midnight GMT on 31 August 2015 and are now being sifted by an international jury. The winner and runners-up will be named at a ceremony at the African Media Leader’s Forum in Johannesburg, South Africa, in November.

The entries for the competition will all be judged on the following four criteria.

  • The significance of the claim- What impact it could have had if not exposed?
  • The approach to the evidence – Was evidence for and against the claim examined in a non-partisan manner?
  • The presentation – How clearly was the evidence presented?
  • The challenges faced and overcome in assessing the claim – How hard was it to fact-check the claim?

Check back later on this page to see the short-list, which will be announced on this page later this month.

To know more about applying in 2016, see also the other pages in this section, setting out details of our previous winners, and about what makes a good fact-check.