Conspiracy theories and predictions

Did author foretell pandemic as far as back as 1981? No.

Did author Dean Koontz as far back as 1981 published a novel about a “biological weapon” called “Wuhan-400”?

This popular forward comes with convincing-looking photos to support this claim. for details why

But this claim is inaccurate. Read the full fact-check for details why.


Bill Gates did warn in 2015 of possible global virus outbreak – but not coronavirus specifically

Did Bill Gates in 2015 warn us of the coronavirus outbreak as far back as 2015? Gates did say in that year that there was a possibility the next epidemic could be one that spreads through air or leaves people feeling not well enough to go out in public while infectious.

This is true for Covid-19, but these are characteristics of many viral diseases. Gates wasn’t warning the world specifically of Covid-19, but of a disease like it. Continue reading here.

No, African blood and black skin don’t ‘resist’ new coronavirus

A heavily shared story goes that Chinese doctors have “confirmed” that the “African blood genetic composition” resists the new coronavirus.

The main claim is that an African student supposedly recovered from Covid-19 “because of his blood genetic composition which is mainly found in the genetic composition of Subsaharan Africans.”

Has it been confirmed that the “blood genetic composition” of Africans, and black skin, can “resist” coronavirus? No. There isn’t any scientific evidence showing this. And many Africans are among those infected. More details here.

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